Police say that 26-year-old suspect Keshawn Decosta shot his 21-year-old girlfriend in the butt as she tried to leave the apartment.
She confirms that old Mark Twain quote: the truest mark of being born with great qualities is to have Rihanna follow you on Instagram.
Heroin, it's a helluva drug. can one have a secret underwear compartment in their butt?
In case you needed another reason to never sit on the subway again, above you can see Example #4,909. "Somehow, I think I was the only one that noticed," the tipster wrote.
Most spectacularly, there was a touchdown where Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into the butt of fellow Jet Brandon Moore, fumbling the ball.
Jacob Sanford is accused of groping the two teens on their buttocks in a Harlem subway station yesterday. And in the ensuing struggle with an off-duty officer, Sanford was himself shot in the butt.
Ladies, now that you've starved your way down to a size 0,
Photo on left via Subway Douchery; Photo on right sent in
A Queens spa owner was charged with second-degree assault, unlawfully practicing
Bethenny's butt A Queens woman is suing a Flushing spa for
Staten Island's Danielle Masseria (MySpace) says her "whole life changed" in June
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