Officials say the drugs could have caused up to 7 million overdoses.
The cocaine was cleverly concealed in individually-wrapped Mini Bum candy wrappers.
The NYPD seized around $750,000 worth of heroin from the trunk of a car in Inwood yesterday.
"This was a marauding gang of armed and violent thieves in the Bronx who masqueraded as police officers in order to trick their narcotics-dealing targets so they could steal their drugs and their cash.”
Police seized a pound of marijuana, a gun, hollow point bullets, and money which they believe is profit from the suspect's pot-dealing business. Oh, and they also found two pet alligators.
Sometimes, bodega workers don't want to card young-looking customers.
After a nine-month investigation police arrested 18 people allegedly involved in a massive, multi-million dollar luxury car theft ring.
Connecticut police seized more than $6 million worth of cocaine yesterday which authorities are calling one of the biggest drug busts in state history. And they couldn't have done it without logistics-obsessed delivering company UPS.
CBS 2 Whenever a massive shootout happens in the middle of
Via Staten Island Advance Keith Harrington, 47, and his brother Craig,
Police have arrested 31 spectators, two alleged operators and removed 35
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