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Davey started his first day at a subway station in Jackson Heights

In Boston, the mayor is trying to make three bus lines free.

Many NYC families are reporting widespread problems with the school buses intended to transport kids to public school buildings - in some cases, giving up on their child being able to attend their first day of class.

Two virtual public hearings take place on the $10 billion plan to replace the aging Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown.

The busway is promised to speed up rides for the estimated 66,000 daily bus passengers in Washington Heights where the city estimates buses crawl along 181st Street at an average speed of less than 4 mph.

"The governor's policy seems less likely to make the subway safer than to raise tension and create conflict between police and riders."

No contracts with school bus companies have been finalized yet.

Bus riders will have to start paying fares come August 31st.

“The goal will have to be, being absolutely vigilant about your mask use and putting as much distance from yourself and the next person as possible."

Ridership has increased by about 24 percent on weekdays, and 30 percent on weekends.