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One of the four buses that runs through East 149th is among the city's slowest.

Bus service in the Bronx remains some of the worst in New York, a titanic feat in a city where service overall is some of the slowest and most unreliable in the nation.

'We need police officers to be boarding buses to make it clear to people that you can't just get on for free,' NYCT President Andy Byford said Monday.

A recent report co-authored by an MTA researcher shows bus service on Fridays between noon and 3 p.m. experiences a "mini-surge," but drops off later in the evening for a 5% total dip in customers.

Those travelers who enjoyed occasionally-working WiFi and 32% less bus-funk on Bolt Bus may have to hit the cripplingly depressing Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Flickr user Trish Mayo Just as the M15's select bus service

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