Bus driver

The MTA is still saying the driver refused a drug test.
The attack was among three last week.
A rogue pigeon flew into an MTA bus, sowed some mayhem, and fled the scene.
A 70-year-old woman was seriously injured Monday after she was hit by an MTA bus driver and dragged almost 30 feet, authorities said.
Police are searching for a man who repeatedly punched an MTA bus driver after he refused to let him ride for free.
The prolific bus battler caused around $2,000 in damage, the MTA said.
'Dude was clearly fed up and cold.'
A bus driver was hospitalized Friday night after being sprayed in the face with an unknown liquid by a woman wearing a surgical mask.
He faces as many as seven years in prison.
Revisiting William Cimillo's spontaneous 1947 trip to Florida in a NYC bus.
It's not clear whether the AC was too high or too low.
It happened near a cluster of luxury buildings.
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