Bus crash

The MTA is still saying the driver refused a drug test.
Federal investigators believe that a dropped thermos may have been responsible for the 2017 bus crash that killed three people and injured 16 others in Flushing, Queens.
The driver of the bus in the fatal Queens collision was going between 54 miles per hour and 62 miles per hour according to an initial investigation.
"This tragedy could have all been prevented if this company took precautions by looking into who they were hiring," said the victim of the 2015 DUI.
Three people were killed and 16 injured when an MTA bus and a charter bus crashed in Flushing on Monday morning.
He drove the bus for about 10 blocks before crashing it into a light pole and several cars.
The driver of one of the buses was hospitalized, and 14 others sustained minor injuries.
Nine people were injured Monday when a city bus swerved off the road and into a pillar beneath the FDR Drive.
The accident shut down a portion of I-95.
The bus then hit two parked cars... and a house.
At least a dozen people have been hospitalized after two buses collided in the Lincoln Tunnel this morning.
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