The bus can connect travelers taking the subway or LIRR to LaGuardia.
The MTA is creating a "blue-ribbon" panel to examine ways to reduce fare and toll evasion
City lawmakers say the investment could usher in sweeping changes to the streetscape – including 500 miles of protected bike lanes, 500 miles of bus lanes, and 38 million feet of open pedestrian space.
“I’d love to see any of you try to park a wheelchair with strollers, shopping carts, bags in the way," one wheelchair user said.
"Davey lives with his wife and two rescue cats and has not owned an automobile in 12 years," the MTA's press release said.
A 2016 campaign for faster buses and revamped routes is getting another push as new leadership takes hold.
If successful, the lawsuit could force the MTA to pay out several million dollars in retroactive discounts.
Still, despite delays in rolling out some features, the MTA reported a quarter of subway and bus riders now pay for their trip with the contactless payment system.
Governor Kathy Hochul signed the legislation, which is to promote cycling and pedestrian access at bridges and stations, on Tuesday.
Neosha Williams decided to leave working at a hospital to become a NYC Transit bus driver.
Subway cars, for example, the comptroller notes, should be replaced every 40 years. Currently, about 40% of the MTA’s 6,500 subway cars are over 30 years of age.
Ridership is still down about 50% across its divisions, and while there will be no fare hikes for six months, all bets are off after that.
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