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A volunteer firefighter from Mississippi who suffered disfiguring burns in 2001 has been gifted with the face of a deceased bike mechanic from Brooklyn.

Police have ruled the death of the woman, who was found in her bathtub in Queens yesterday with burns all over her body, as a homicide.

Police sources say that the "woman’s corpse was doused in some sort of accelerant."

A parks worker is in critical condition after he suffered burns over half of his body last night in Fort Greene Park.

"Glad I’m not around for the douchely horde of projectile vomiting Santas currently infesting NYC," Bourdain tweeted.

A 76-year-old man was found dead with burn wounds on his face in the Bronx last night.

Earlier this morning, a car chase turned into one man's nightmare when a vehicle being pursued by Connecticut police crashed into a home in New Haven and landed on top of a sleeping man.

A Long Island woman is suing a swimwear manufacturer after the underwire of her bikini top gave her third degree burns.

Last night a woman clung to an air conditioner to escape