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Police believe he was intoxicated when he climbed on top of the train.

PA cops are working under the assumption that Rubin was killed elsewhere and dumped outside of Allentown, while an NYPD source speculates that Rubin knew his killer.

Investigators are also looking at whether Rubin's financial problems are related to his death.

Conflicting stories arise about the financial situation of the Brooklyn cafe owner who was gruesomely murdered, while investigators work to narrow down suspects.

More details come to light about the missing Brooklyn cafe owner's gruesome murder, while investigators try to piece together what happened in the 12 hours between his disappearance and discovery.

Victim Barkim Owens The Queens mother who was accused of holding

Photo of the scene this morning, courtesy of Jerome Barth/BPC Late

The Queens Child Advocacy Center A Rockaway Park mom was so

All of those counterfeit clothes the city confiscates used to go

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