Jamoneish Merritt, who suffered second-degree burns in the attack, had been arguing with a friend while on a slumber party, according to her cousin.
The horrifying assault was reportedly part of a "game that is sweeping the country called the 'hot water challenge.'"
The teen suffered third-degree burns covering more than 40 percent of his body.
"It looks like the fire started in one of the planted areas on the sidewalk and moved to the car."
The victim is a female priest who works at a non-profit.
The woman says she was clutching an extremely hot railing while climbing the stairs to the bridge.
The model, 21-year-old Brian McClellen, died after catching fire.
Pro tip: Don't carry Drano in a juice bottle.
A Staten Island father who pled guilty to viciously abusing his son last year got a very light sentence in court today.
James Moss, the 53-year-old, 6'2", 270 pound Staten Island father who burned his 9-year-old son's hands and stuffed him in the oven last year, pleaded guilty in court today.
Yesterday, a Brooklyn teenager was arrested after she attacked a classmate
A Brooklyn teenager was arrested for attacking and trying to burn
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