You're never too old for some tasteful T&A.
There were Log Ladies kissing each other, odes to Annie Blackburn, a burlesque performance with pie and coffee, and some cartwheels from Nadine Hurley.
Burlesque is best when served with some inked up skin.
Who will be crowned Miss Twin Peaks at the annual pageant?
Red Hook residents are seething over Paris Cabaret, a club that bills itself as a burlesque lounge but acts kind of exactly like a strip club.
GiGi La Femme has stripped off her clothes at most places
A press release that begins, "Oh the places they'll go, the clothing
Well, you've been waiting for this, right? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association
The new movie Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, is sadly not
At the 7th Annual Miss Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant last Friday
Recently Jack Nicholson was spotted on the French Riviera simultaneously smoking
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