The paintings are reportedly worth $18,000.
The home is in the Villanova Heights luxury rental development ("McMansions" designed by Robert A.M. Stern) in Fieldston.
This happened last week in Flushing, around the corner from the 109th Precinct.
The bottomless bandit disturbed nothing during the home invasion, except the couple who had the pleasure of watching the crime unfold while on vacation.
He fled after hearing the baby's father—but then hit another apartment.
A missing golden retriever was united with his owners after prancing out of his captor's house to greet police officers.
For some reason, the alarm reportedly wasn't activated during the burglary.
Besides stealing the banker's iPad and briefcase, he also stole a different victim's skateboard and laptop.
Only a few particular items were taken: a briefcase, an iPad and sneakers.
'Blade Runner' actress Sean Young is wanted for questioning by cops in connection with a burglary in Queens this week.
A literally chilling crime.
The suspect also allegedly groped the woman.
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