Burger king

Does a free Whopper make up for annoying an entire neighborhood?
While the violent reaction here is obviously way over the line, the incident now has thinking: why should fast food drive-thrus exclusively cater to motorists, anyway?
Another big company is stealing from a comedian.
The Burger King on Broadway offered 20 minutes of internet with every purchase.
Did you ever see this old Burger King on Governors Island?
The makeshift digs are run by the Muslim American Society.
America, open wide for some "Satisfries," the 270 calorie alternative to Burger King's regular fries, which have 340 calories in a small portion.
There are numerous walkouts and a rally planned for NYC.
A burger topped with FOUR french fries is the latest $1 offering from Burger King.
Need another reason why "social media manager" is a job you don't want?
"It's nice to know he was a loyal customer up until the end... the very end," Burger King manager Margaret Hess declares.
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