Almost everything about this new Union Square spot is insulting, from the "Ladies Burger" to the "Wet Burger."
West Village residents have no idea what's about to hit them.
Au Cheval is coming to Nolita's Chefs Club for a special dynamic duo dinner with Clinton Hill's Emily.
Philadelphia's beloved Frankenburger joint, PYT, is expanding to NYC. And that means they'll hopefully be bringing along their disgustingly-delicious Fried PBR burgers.
If only Shaq were still playing, he could get a Shackburger.
This black and white burger from McDonald's sadly has nothing to do with the black and white cookie.
A McDonald's rep says their products suffer from steam shrinkage, causing them to look different in real life than on their advertisements.
Bloomberg's relative scale of unhealthy foods rates BLTs and burgers over sodas.
We scoured the city for seafood burgers lighter on the calories than a hamburger and cheaper than the ubiquitous lobster roll!
Time to make another trip to Madison Square, it seems.
One Texas restaurant employee decided to honor the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks by serving a Muslim customer a burger with a "Happy 9/11" drawing on the box.
In retrospect, KFC's Double Down could have really benefited from a coating of Mac n' Cheese.
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