It's 'Decision: AWWW' time!
The person who took the bunny was allegedly mad that the shelter wouldn't let him adopt a dog.
The homeless man who stole Miss Cooper the bunny from a SoHo boutique pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months in jail yesterday—and then released for time served.
"He did it because he loved the bunny. He wanted to take care of something. He couldn't afford to buy a pet."
Renowned Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein said he was overjoyed Miss Cooper was returned: “I always make a point of walking by and waving at the rabbits. I’m glad it’s going to be a happy ending.”
A swank SoHo shop is reeling after one of its rabbit mascots was bunny-napped from its front window on Wednesday evening.
What really went on at Manhattan's Playboy Club? One Bunny tells her story.
Photographs by Alexandra King Reader Alexandra spotted a bunny—on a leash—in
Yesterday (just in time for Easter!) the Prospect Park Zoo alerted
It's hard to win when you are accused by a 60-something-year-old
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