Bahamas cruise turns into a Blues Cruise, thanks to weather.
Yesterday, dangerously high bacteria levels forced health officials to suspend swimming at 13 Long Island beaches.
It was announced this week that the MTA will have a $1.9 billion budget surplus. You'd think this would mean that we'd get a stay of execution on those fare hikes. You'd be wrong.
At last month's SAT test, the College Board forced students to bring photo ID to combat cheating. But some students' exams may have been in vain after the testing agency lost their answer sheets.
The amount of money distributed through the EBT program is up 133% this year, compared with when the recession began in 2007.
Steven Spielberg announced at Comic Con yesterday that he already has a "story and a screenwriter" for Jurassic Park 4, and that "the film will hopefully come together in the next two or three years."
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