James called the statue a "powerful beacon," while others see a cynical corporate publicity stunt.
This baby calf will grow to 1,000 pounds!
Rodeo clowns and a matador took on the Charging Bull down on Wall Street this morning. Then they got arrested.
And here we have video of a bull or a steer that escaped from a Queens slaughterhouse running along Liberty Avenue in Jamaica.
On Christmas Eve at 2 a.m., street artist Olek adorned the Wall
Via WPIX A bull and cow somehow escaped from their farm
Photo by Ng Han Guan/AP Uh oh, it's bad luck to
Photograph from Dealbreaker Dealbreaker was sent a photograph of an underwear-clad
Oh, these are colorful times down in the financial district! Reader
It has not been a good time on Wall Street, and
Reader Quinn sent us a photograph (bigger shot here) of some protesters
Last night, a reader told us, "A friend who was on 111st
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