Mayor Eric Adams said he would revisit sprinkler retrofits after the Twin Parks North West fire.
Eric Ulrich was a three-term Council member. He now will head one of the city's most important agencies
A 6-year-old boy was in critical condition after falling down an elevator shaft in a Bronx cooperative building, city officials said.
Experts shared the basics of fire safety in city apartment buildings.
'These [single-story] ones are the most vulnerable... Nobody is going to build a new one.'
The woman fell 15 feet down, according to the Ninth Precinct.
In May, the Department of Buildings issued a report which named named terra cotta as one of three common concerns pertaining to facade breakdowns.
"This has never been done before and it’s globally significant."
Proposed legislation would set up an Office of Building Energy Performance to ensure building owners stick to the prescribed limits on greenhouse gas emissions.
If you've ever wanted to know how much land in each borough is city owned, or how tall the skyline of Manhattan really is, check out these digital maps.
Don't know the name Melvyn Kaufman? Well, you probably know his buildings.
How does the Empire State Building measure up to other skyscrapers around the world? It's a little small... but still a classic.
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