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The building owner won a temporary reprieve after Gothamist began making inquiries.

The former councilmember was reportedly questioned by prosecutors regarding an illegal gambling ring.

Eric Ulrich was a three-term Council member. He now will head one of the city's most important agencies

The demolitions, which will occur in the coming weeks and months, are the result of the inspection of more than 80,000 buildings affected by the storm.

Nearly 200 Bronx residents are scrambling to find a place to live for the next six months after the owner of their apartment building tore out all the fire escapes.

"Right now, my Cousin Vinny could be working on an elevator," Councilman Peter Vallone pointed out. At press time, Joe Pesci could not be reached for comment.

Officials say it's becoming more apparent that the freak elevator death of ad executive Suzanne Hart last month was connected to maintenance work done on the lift on the morning of her death.

One of the workers rescued from the building collapse in Brighton Beach has died of cardiac arrest, and the Buildings Department believes the collapse occurred because workers poured concrete from the top down.

A passenger on the bus who was six months pregnant was jostled by fleeing riders began having contractions and was rushed to St. Luke's, but there were no life-threatening injuries.

The Buildings Department announced that its new Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement is