Building collapse

"[A delivery guy] started running, he looked up, and the bricks started falling. I tried to back up, and the whole side of the building, mostly the top, came down on the cars."
One employee was repairing a second-floor towel dispenser when the building "began creaking ominously," but he was able to escape with only minor injuries.
"I just went out of my building to go to the car and saw the building collapse and a big storm of dust rise in its place."
The building collapse in the Bronx that killed one worker and injured several others on Tuesday was caused by heavy construction materials that were overloaded near the top of the structure.
A building under construction in Norwood has collapsed, killing one person and injuring five others.
The driver tried to flee after apparently climbing out of the debris.
The building was under construction.
The National Weather Service has issued a high winds warning in the NYC area through 2 p.m. Sunday due to 40 MPH+ winds.
"I say, 'The walls are shaking, the pictures are coming off my walls!' They say, 'You can't tell me what to do.'"
The workers at the site were reportedly non-union.
Excavation was underway at a building that had previously been cited for illegal work.
The space was vacant and an application for its demolition had been submitted to the city, according to the DOB.
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