A real case of the Mondays.
They'll be sponsored in part by... Budweiser.
If you get slapped with a $7 bar tab for a Budweiser, feel free to blame that bearded dude sitting next to you drinking a $2 PBR.
While it isn't quite a $50 million diamond heist, stealing $100,000 in beer is a pretty impressive trick–if you can get away with it.
Budweiser Black Crown is a "golden amber lager" that "features more body, color and hop character" than Budweiser and sports a 6% ABV.
Dolan "arrived three years ago as a rookie, not even aware the difference between corned beef and pastrami."
Just what the world needs. A Bud Light with more booze and less calories than regular Bud.
Listen up, Albany: government shutdowns can have graver consequences than the loss of public employees' right to collective bargaining: because of Minnesota's gridlock—currently in its 13th day—MillerCoors can't renew their brand label registration.
In an appeal to market themselves more towards the hip and
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