Budget cuts

Outgoing CCRB chair warns of a decline in NYPD compliance with the agency’s recommendations for discipline in cases of police misconduct – urges Adams to “rectify the situation.”
“We're looking forward to bringing back 24-hour service as soon as we can,” MTA Chairman Pat Foye said on Monday.
"You’re going to decimate the schools. Seriously, who suffers? Ultimately who suffers on this? The students."
"We need to put a human face on what these cuts mean."
Meanwhile, advocates say Cuomo is poised to break a multi-million MTA funding promise.
Trump's team are apparently set to slash government spending by $10.5 trillion over a decade.
She's gone Full Tilda to draw attention to budget cuts.
Smile as Chewy expresses "his" displeasure on an iPad, and shake your head that the zoo has to beg for money while the NYPD will have robot drones watching you sleep in a year.
At the root of the slow response times and inadequate training for park employees seems to be a shrinking budget.
If it goes through this will be the city's seventh budget trimming in the past four years.
MTA workers are herding passengers through the soaked area, telling them to "keep going" lest the stone above begins to crumble.
The Public Library was spared today from potentially devastating budget cuts, hooray!
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