A letter will be sent to the mayor today urging him to follow through on his campaign promise to devote 1% of the city budget to parks.
The mayor's investment marks a slight increase from his previous proposal, while still falling far short of a pledge made on the campaign trail to dedicate 1% of the budget – or roughly $1 billion – to the city’s sprawling network of parks.
Members of New York City’s Council are calling for an extra $1.3 billion in spending to be added to next year’s budget.
A widely supported program for helping homeless New Yorkers and people facing imminent eviction was not included in the state budget. Supporters speculate that it was not approved out of unfounded concerns that costs would spiral out of control.
Some advocates worry that work and immigration requirements will still dampen access
The budget, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s first one, was more than a week late.
Advocates pushed hard for these measures during this budget session and criticized Gov. Hochul for not fully funding their proposals.
As NY lawmakers are preparing for final votes, record spending on climate change is a centerpiece for the state’s 2022-2023 budget.
To-go cocktails and a gas-tax holiday have made the cut, as did changes to the state's bail laws.
The new spending plan could top $100 billion by the time councilmembers are done tinkering
The state’s fiscal year began April 1 without the passage of a budget, which is required by law.
More than 60,000 state workers could see their paychecks disrupted if a budget isn’t approved by Monday.
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