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The cuts will mean the city will not fill roughly 4,700 vacancies, according to City Hall estimates. It will not affect teachers nor uniformed vacancies in departments like police and fire.

The Independent Budget Office said the Adams administration has not provided sufficient detail on the city’s plan to apply for federal funding for the expenses related to the recent influx of migrants.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is already struggling with a backlog.

Arguments in a case brought by parents and teachers against City Hall won't start until weeks after school begins.

Some say student safety hinges on social workers, not police.

Judge Lyle E. Frank signaled that he believes the budget process violated state law.

Schools Chancellor David Banks has promised to convene a task force to overhaul the city’s Fair Student Funding formula, which some education advocates have decried as inequitable.

Officials say additional reductions have to be made to individual school budgets because their enrollment is projected to decline further in the coming academic year.

The handshake agreement was roughly $1 billion more than what the mayor proposed in his executive budget.

A letter will be sent to the mayor today urging him to follow through on his campaign promise to devote 1% of the city budget to parks.