Bud light

98 Degrees, for the uninitiated, was a boy band from the late '90s/early aughts.
Could Bud Light's insipid celebration of its sameness be more aggressively stupid?
What more appropriate setting from which to wave your wealthy bro flag than aboard the Bud Light Hotel, a floating testament to our country's zeal for corporatism, cheap beer and commodification of the American spirit.
We asked one large beer distributor in New Jersey if they stocked it. "We tasted it and decided not to keep it in stock."
Just what the world needs. A Bud Light with more booze and less calories than regular Bud.
Apparently "The Great Unknown" has wi-fi and ice cream.
“We don’t carry Coors Light,” said the bartender, quick as could be,
Not everyone was forunate enough to score Game 7 tickets, or
Summer in the city for many means a mass exodus to
Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, some people watch
Gothamist has our guacamole and Tostitos with a Hint of LIme
While some people moan and groan about Valentine's Day, Gothamist thinks that
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