Bryan devendorf

We spoke to The National's drummer Bryan Devendorf yesterday to get a sneak peek at their upcoming new album, "Trouble Will Find Me."
We sent The National's Bryan Devendorf and Takka Takka's Conrad Doucette on a mission to eat all of the food CitiField is offering this Mets season. Click through for a preview of what could be the highlight of the Mets season...
Bryan Devendorf, the drummer for The National, talks about Saturday night's gig with one of his musical heroes, Bob Weir. You can watch their collaboration for free over the Internet!
Bryan Devendorf (drummer for The National, and soon-to-be dad) has once again documented a part of his life on the road for us, this time around, back on tour with Arcade Fire.
A couple of years ago, Bryan Devendorf (drummer for The National) documented
Think the touring life of a Brooklyn band is glamorous? Okay,
The National are self-deprecating, open, vulnerable. Their songwriting conversational, confessional, intimate, honest
Here it is, our last piece of SXSW coverage. The warm sun
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