A sergeant for the city's Department of Homeless Services is facing charges of excessive force and filing a false police report.
"They were throwing inmates off the bleachers," one plaintiff said.
Sandra Amezquita is suing the City saying that the beating forced her to give birth prematurely—and may result in further complications for her child.
"It's all in The Man's hands. And I don't mean God. It's the police."
"I was kinda scared. Just did what they asked me to do so they wouldn’t turn a page," the victim said.
Among the 73 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested yesterday was a man identified as a medic who was allegedly slammed against a glass window on East 10th Street by police. Watch video of it below.
Police are investigating whether Michael Pena was involved in two other sexual assaults in the last three years. And they revealed that Pena was once hit with a brutality suit for assaulting a perp.
A Queens man says cops roughed him up in a holding
Greenpoint resident Chrissie Brodigan says she was riding on the L train
As expected, NYPD officer Patrick Pogan, the rookie cop caught on video
NYPD officer Patrick Pogan, the cop from the infamous cyclist bodyslam video
Two female NYPD cops accused of brutally beating a man during a
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