Brunch hate reads

We come here to talk about patchy beards and the men who struggle to grow them.
Adultish millennials buying apartments, sad bachelors who yearn, Snapchat-obsessed rich kids and more Brunch Hate Reads from 2016.
First, make sure your parents have money.
Compared to Midtown, Tribeca feels like a country home!
It might not be a "joy trigger," but it's definitely triggering.
Instagram-filtering rich kids, torture-by-Snapchat, and real life flibbertigibbets all add up to a truly inspirational hate read in the NY Times this week.
"A pied-à-terre in New York, a beach house in the Hamptons, a ski villa in Aspen and a winter condo in Miami."
From quiche to quinoa salad, a brief history of perpetual NY Times up-and-coming neighborhood Ridgewood.
Public Editor Margaret Sullivan gives it 7.5 monocles!
Can wildly successful aging playboys really have it all?
Manhattan is the new Brooklyn, brave gentrifiers move to the suburbs, kids choose multi-million dollar apartments for their parents, and more of our favorite Brunch Hate Reads.
The divide within the city on issues of gentrification, affordable housing and Airbnb is illustrated pretty well in a series of articles in the NY Times this weekend.
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