Bruce springsteen

President Biden, joined by former Presidents Obama and Clinton, paid respects at the 9/11 Memorial plaza on Saturday.
"This is something you do not want to miss, something for the ages."
"I'm thrilled to be here to support him, but more than that, it's still about supporting Broadway and being here for the first show when we opened."
This will be the first Broadway show to return since the start of the pandemic.
Chalamet impersonated Harry Styles, got sucked into a cake butt, sang an ode to a tiny horse, channeled his inner TikTok rapper, and got to play a rebellious coronavirus. Also: BRUUUUUUCE.
You can watch over a dozen full or partial Bruce Springsteen concerts in glorious quality from the last 40+ years on YouTube.
Every once in awhile, there's a livestream performance that completely blows me away—and that happened last night during the Jersey 4 Jersey benefit concert with Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa.
Bruce Springsteen turned 70-year-old today—check out our ranking of all of his classic studio albums.
'Bruce will always have priority with me, and if he wants to do an E Street Band record we'll jump in and do that...whatever Bruce feels like doing, obviously we'll be 100% enthusiastic about.'
A new documentary will explore the complex history of the town, the riots that almost tore it apart, and the music scene which helped turn it back into a destination.
'Springsteen on Broadway' is coming to Netflix on Dec. 16th.
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