Bruce ratner

There will be 2,250 affordable units by 2025, 10 years earlier than scheduled.
"I don't mind it. I can afford it."
Ratner thinks the best chicken is at KFC.
It's taken nearly nine years, and at least that many lawsuits, but Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner has finally completed the Brooklyn sports/entertainment complex of his dreams, to the delight and horror of Brooklyn residents.
Doesn't it look like a UFO?!
Bloomberg told a reporter that it's very difficult to hold a 32 ounce drink. SO THERE.
As for the team keeping the Nets name, Markowitz said he wasn't that concerned: "As long as the first part of the name is Brooklyn!"
We took a little tour of the under-construction Barclays Center today for a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg. Take a look around!
Yup, they really are going to try and hire local, everybody.
When the Barclays Center opens over the Atlantic Yards they'd really like to have some local food for sale. Won't you help them find a good Brooklyn vendor?
Behold the potential future of the Atlantic Yards. What a pity.
The lawsuit alleges that Ratner "pledged in writing" and "again as a verbal promise at a meeting" held with the Brooklyn community group that the jobs would be there for the apprentices.
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