Now, the residents of the neighborhood have given the home a cheeky unofficial landmark status, declaring it to be: The House That Brought Down A President.
When the building's owner defaulted, an illegal opportunity presented itself.
Firefighters found evidence of an accelerant inside the building.
On resident lamented his vintage guitars, 'The rest I don't care about, the rest is Ikea. Who cares?'
"This was a design necessity, allowing a homeowner to rise above the sea of horse manure."
Brownstone, our favorite Sixpoint beer has, in our experience, also proven to be its most elusive. That all ends today.
Just after 1 a.m. a gorgeous brownstone collapsed at 241 Carroll Street. There were no injuries, but the home will now be demolished.
Lockwood wrote a book about brownstones because back in 1969, there wasn't any book about brownstones!
But how long before it's inhabited by a family of pigeons or rats?
A Brooklyn brownstone you can eat for dessert.
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