Alright Frankie will reportedly fill the space vacated by Percy's Tavern at 210 Avenue A at East 13th Street, and will reportedly serve bar pie.
Undeserving dog owner puts pug on skateboard, nearly throws it under the wheel of an oncoming taxi.
One of them may have been wearing a jacket with an NYPD patch on it.
Aging frat bros, steakhouse reunions, homoerotic impromptu wrestling matches, Las Vegas doctors, wine bottles smashed in people's faces, and "facial asymmetry."
Pop those collars, it's Murray Hill time.
The only thing worse than being in Montauk on a summer weekend is getting to Montauk on a summer weekend.
Perhaps this will curtail some of the drunk bro antics that have plagued Montauk.
"We're very unhappy with the way things have turned out in Montauk. It has changed from a middle-class resort town to a party town."
It's unpleasant to have to step over a pair of drunk intertwined bodies while taking the trash out on a Sunday morning.
Even a truck's horn couldn't rouse them from sleep.
Once people got bored of the parade, it was off to the many Irish bars of Midtown East.
Some people just don't know how to let sleeping Bros lie.
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