Brooklyn tech

“This is a tremendous day for all of New York City."
In a school system whose total enrollment is 41% Latino, 26% Black, 16% Asian and 15% white, the specialized high schools have grown disproportionately Asian and white over the past years.
He has not been charged with a crime.
Just 1% of students admitted to Stuyvesant for the 2016-2017 school year were black.
Only 3% of black students scored high enough to gain entry into NYC's elite schools this year.
He pleaded guilty to kidnapping, among other things.
The suit alleges that Brooklyn Tech's principal and other school officials were aware of Sean Shanynak's behavior, but did not stop it.
New York law prohibits an employer from denying employment based on an arrest that did not result in a conviction.
Shaynak had a knack for wearing inappropriate Halloween costumes, including the Britney Spears-inspired number you can see above.
The mother of one of the victims, who was allegedly sodomized by Shaynak, believes her daughter was infatuated with her abuser.
A spokesperson from the DOE told the Daily News that the department planned to "vigorously pursue his termination."
The prosecution said he was looking to groom students.
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