Brooklyn queens expressway

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city, Carlos Scissura, head of the New York Building Congress, said.
The DOT warned of “substantial delays” starting Monday as a result of the lane reduction and asked motorists to consider public transportation instead.
Rather than tear down and rebuild the triple cantilever section of the BQE in Brooklyn Heights, Mayor de Blasio will put off the decision for 2 more decades.
Stringer's plan calls for a truck-only highway with a new, vibrant linear park on top.
'The city says they want cleaner air and want to be more pedestrian-friendly and here they are proposing to tear down something that acts as a structural barrier to the BQE...'
A major problem with the roadway is the concrete itself. It turns out it wasn't really designed for heavy trucks.
Special delivery!
The victim had pulled over to check her relative's car, which had a flat tire.
She was thrown onto the street below.
Police responded to a 911 call of a person being struck by a vehicle on Meeker Avenue beneath the overpass between Frost Street and Manhattan Avenue at around 3:53 a.m.
Last night this man was spotted biking on the BQE... possibly while intoxicated.
"It is time the Buildings Department cracked down on illegal is fortunate that no one was hurt in this incident, but it is time the City enforced this rule and held sign companies responsible."
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