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The uniforms were trotted out in 1944 for night games, and were quickly abandoned.

Author Jerald Podair on why Walter O'Malley is unfairly blamed for the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn, and why Robert Moses managed to escape that blame.

Good to know: The Northern Lights have actually appeared over the five boroughs quite a few times over the years.

This dome would have stopped the Brooklyn Dodgers from leaving New York... could it also have stopped Atlantic Yards?

The 1940's "satin" uniforms At this point the Dodgers have been

Though they left Brooklyn just before the 1958 season, the L.A.

The immortal moment. The man behind the "shot heard 'round the

Today, everyone on the field at a Major League Baseball game —

The dashing actor John Forsythe, who played Blake Carrington on Dynasty

A baseball fan threatened to kill a stranger who was wearing