Brooklyn district attorney

The cases all involved former undercover Det. Joseph Franco, who's accused of framing people in drug transactions during investigations in Manhattan.
The former Brooklyn officer claimed a suspect nearly ran him and his partner over with a car, until video showed otherwise.
'The new law does not change the penal law, under which any part of the cannabis plant, regardless of THC level, is considered marijuana.'
Glenn Payne allegedly lacked a license to practice medicine or psychology in New York State, or anywhere else for that matter.
This is the 23rd conviction vacated by the Brooklyn District Attorney's Conviction Review Unit.
"The recognition here is that a slap on the wrist criminal justice-wise can become a knockout punch immigration-wise," one attorney said.
"Justice was real for Ken, it was not an abstract principle," Attorney General Loretta Lynch said at Thompson's funeral.
He announced he had cancer last week.
The contractor, Bale Out Enterprises, attempted to bail out on paying seventy workers as they renovated a former hospital.
No word on whether this incident will make it onto Hynes' reality show.
At long last, Noted Brooklyn Celebrity Charles Hynes will make his debut on the silver screen.
Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Justin Marrus, who we noted yesterday had some unseemly photographs of himself on his public Facebook page, is really sorry about all that, guys.
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