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Ray Cortez bought his Brooklyn townhouse in the 1960s. Now, he faces eviction stemming from what he and his lawyers say is a case of deed theft. His neighbors are fighting to save his home.

The Manhattan DA's sweeping move, once enacted, will represent one of the largest conviction purges in state history.

Prosecutorial conduct and police conduct were the most common factors in securing the bad convictions.

Linda Douglas was weeks away from retirement; her grieving husband called her 'the most beautiful, giving, loving person I've ever met in this world. It's very devastating.'

Richard Hall and Edward Martins won't face rape charges for throwing a teen in the back of an unmarked van and sexually assaulting her. Allegedly, of course.

The DA's office hasn't done anything wrong, Brooklyn’s Chief Assistant District Attorney Nancy Hoppock wrote, but 'we are gravely concerned that there is now a substantial risk of the appearance of impropriety.'

'They're hesitating in arresting these guys, and that's the bottom line,' the woman's attorney told Gothamist.

The detective, his associate and his client—the alleged sexual abuse perpetrator—were all indicted.