Brooklyn criminal court

ICE activity in NYC courthouses is on the rise in 2017, according to public defenders and advocates.
Stevens agreed to pay $1 million to couples who have filed complaints with the attorney general. The only itsy bitsy problem? Stevens has no money. And if he does, it'll go toward his unpaid taxes.
Stevens pled guilty to grand larceny 2 and four counts of criminal tax fraud in the second degree today; he is facing 3 1/3 to 10 years imprisonment as a result.
"Here we are thinking you’re a nice guy and you were just pulling a wedding Ponzi scheme."
Stevens was charged with one count of felony grand larceny and multiple felony tax charges at Brooklyn Criminal Court this morning.
Detective Sean Johnstone of the Brooklyn South Narcotics Unit was arrested yesterday
Joseph Jirovec and Kimberly Babajko are two of ten people arrested in
Today, Dexter Bostick and Robert Ellis will be arraigned in Brooklyn
Nixzmary Brown's grandmother is trying to get custody of her daughter's other
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