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The new infrastructure isn't just popular with existing bike commuters; it seems to be inducing more trips over the East River in total.

The new configuration — the bridge's first since the trolley tracks were removed in 1950 — earned mixed reviews from cyclists on its inaugural day.

Since its installation earlier this month, the Centre Street bike lane has been perpetually blocked by vehicles with NYPD and police union placards.

The inner-most Manhattan-bound lane will become a bike lane.

The Queensboro Bridge is also getting a new bike lane.

Don't freak out if you see police on the Manhattan tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, okay?

A cocktail of unplanned subway dysfunction and and unannounced bridge closures brought heightened chaos to much of the city.

A man hit two police cars and tried to get away by jumping off the bridge.

Come get your giant inflatable flamingo, [redacted].