Brookfield properties

Cuomo's High Line Extension Is Still Happening, Hochul Confirms
Fun fact about One Manhattan East’s lobby: the sprinkler system is invisible.
The restaurant has started a petition and postcard-writing campaign against its landlord Brookfield Properties.
The suit claims property-owner Brookfield Properties intentionally sabotaged the restaurant when it refused to break the 15-year lease in its Financial District space.
The City and the NYPD remain defendants in the suit.
So far the day's protests were an exercise in shrunken nostalgia.
Taxpayers will give the librarians $47,000, along with Norman Siegel's attorneys fees of $186,349.
Also, it was an opportunity for Zuccotti Park jokes.
A $680 million platform will be built over the rail yards—while the trains keep moving in and out!
"We could be in good shape to ask the court for permission to take Ray Kelly's deposition, or Mayor Bloomberg's deposition... to find out what really happened that night."
The document specifically identifies those rules and acknowledges the "fluid situation" that exists in balancing the rights of park patrons with the interests of a multibillion dollar corporation.
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