Brookfield place

Our line-less future is finally here, get on line to enjoy it.
It's the second Fuku in the FiDi.
The sprawling menu includes dozens of traditional tapas, cheeses, meats and grilled fishes, vegetables and meats, plus large format dishes like Lobster Paella.
See your wish in lights at the Winter Garden's holiday installation.
The market sets itself up with "districts" that each focus on a different type of food, from a rotisserie to a cheese station to a flower shop.
And other entries from this year's Canstruction to benefit City Harvest.
Black Seed Bagels, Umami Burger, Little Muenster, Dos Toros and 10 other big name restaurants are all inside.
The renovated Financial District complex aims to be the next big culinary destination in Manhattan.
The annual design competition and charity event tasks groups with creating giant sculptures made entirely out of cans.
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