The deal means Brookfield may only lease to tenants who are willing to pay their employees a living wage, even if they're part of a nationwide or international chain.
If you're a working stiff hungry for more lunch time options around Battery Park City, we've got good news for you.
For the past couple of weeks, a rumor has swirled among the Occupy Wall Street scene that Brookfield Properties, the company that controls Zuccotti Park, would close the park for three months for "renovations."
The unending story of Stuy Town continues! Once again tenants there and in Peter Cooper Village are trying to buy the 80-acre property and turn it into condos or co-ops.
"Hey honey, great news: I got a job doing security at Zuccotti Park!" "That's great dear, just don't do anything stupid on your first day when all the cameras are rolling!"
"If those elected officials had spent half as much time trying to promote the city to get jobs to come here we would a lot more ways towards answering the concerns of the protestors."
NYCMayorsOffice After being promised last year that the Brookfield Landfill would
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