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His obituary doesn't mention his famous philanthropist mother or his own children.

The Astor family will always be linked with the Titanic. But will it also be linked with the Titanic II?

A Sotheby's auction of Brooke Astor's belongings closed last night and managed to bring in $18.8 million, nearly double the $9.7 million that the auction house expected.

Almost five years after she died at 105, the court battle over Brooke Astor's will has been resolved. The big loser? Astor's only son. The big winners? New Yorkers.

In spite of a juror's claims of being intimidated by other

Photograph of Anthony Marshall, wife wife Charlene, by Louis Lanzano/AP The

Louis Lanzano/AP Despite already being sentenced to one-to-three years in prison

Yesterday, Justice A. Kirke Bartley sentenced Anthony Marshall to one to

Anthony Marshall, who was found guilty of grand larceny related to