Brookdale hospital

Adams says he’s getting the hospital staffing crisis under control. Health care workers say it’s not as simple as hiring temporary staff.
Brookdale University Medical Center is trying an open-line approach rather than pre-registered appointments and discouraging neighborhood outsiders from seeking its supply.
“Sometimes we feel like we are the forgotten ones, and it's just amazing that we can get the vaccine at the same time other people are getting it,” said Gemma John, who was the first nurse at Brookdale to get vaccinated.
Police say she was shot at close range, suggesting that she was the intended target.
Her daughter was in the hospital for an asthma attack.
Two men were shot dead in East Flatbush outside a barbershop
A pair of new mother are planning to sue Brooklyn's Brookdale
240 employees at Brooklyn's Brookdale Hospital returned to work from the
A family had been living in its Mill Basin, Brooklyn apartment for
Yesterday morning, an off-duty police officer killed another clubgoer who was threatening
A Metrocard scam. Gang members. A crowded L train station. Yesterday afternoon,
Three Brooklyn men, ages 16-20, were charged with hate crimes in the
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