Bronx zoo

The bears, Amber, Luna, and Treena, come from the Bronx Zoo.
The cub spent a few days at the Bronx Zoo, where veterinarians cared for her, before heading to a wildlife refuge in Arkansas.
“There’s never been a time that we went through the spring and the summer season without visitors and it was just so strange."
Watch the sea lion feeding, or check out the giant Pacific octopus!
Also, the Bronx Zoo tiger did NOT get a coronavirus test meant for humans—it was a test for animals.
The tiger is a four-year-old Malayan female named Nadia.
She also entered the giraffe enclosure.
And also, the side-eye.
"Mangrove snakes, though mildly venomous, are not known to be dangerous to people. They are shy, timid, [and] secretive in nature."
It just wasn't the ideal pet for her apartment, for some reason.
Richie Rodriguez reportedly harbored two husky snapping turtles, a rescue possum, an eel, some pigeons, a bunch of fish, and assorted other creatures inside his apartment's bedroom.
A new lawsuit charges that the Bronx Zoo is unlawfully imprisoning its 47-year-old Asian elephant.
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