Bronx lebanon hospital

Dr. Tracy Sin-Yee Tam, 32, began working in the family medicine clinic at Bronx-Lebanon in 2016.
Henry Bello spent much of the past few years living in homeless and transitional centers in Manhattan.
The injured victims were shot in the head, abdomen, knee, neck and head.
Bello also had a number of arrests in his past, including one for sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment.
"Multiple people got shot and we are looking for the perp at this time," an NYPD spokesperson said.
Last year unemployed Bronx doorman Alexis Rodriguez was hospitalized with pneumonia for three weeks at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Last week he received the bill: $44,776,587 for outpatient services.
Police say they've caught the man who opened fire in a Bronx Emergency Room waiting area Wednesday night in an apparent gang fight.
Chaos erupted in the waiting area outside the Emergency Room at a Bronx hospital last night when an unidentified man opened fire during an altercation.
Almost 1,000 patients will need new blood tests after Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
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