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The people who signed the letter—the heads of Nasdaq, Con Edison, Bank of America, Pfizer, and Macy’s, to name a few—claim they have little influence with city government.

“It’s a very simplistic reading of Black communal political desires and desires for protection, which are far more varied and complex and sit within a historical context where no alternatives have been offered."

A leader of the NYPD's embattled subway policing division allegedly directed officers to target black and Latino men for farebeating.

The move comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo complained (again) about the condition of the subways.

The administrative proceeding will determine whether Officer Daniel Pantaleo will keep his job at the NYPD.

Following at least two cases of turnstile jumping at the same Harlem subway station, the Legal Aid Society is calling for an investigation of the NYPD for targeting minority neighborhoods for fare evasion enforcement.

Today, advocates and lawmakers are beginning a new campaign to decriminalize sex work in New York.

Six weeks ago the department issued a memo to its uniformed officers, directing them to follow the letter of the law and cite the restaurants, not the workers themselves.

NYPD officers will be required to hand a business card to civilians who they stop to question, frisk, or search.

Let's remember that being a New Yorker was once synonymous with being thick-skinned, resilient and, though often grudgingly, tolerant to the millions of people we call our fellow New Yorkers.