Broken angel

The son of Arthur Wood, who built Broken Angel, hopes to make a documentary about it. Check out some old footage from inside in his Kickstarter video.
Broken Angel's facade has been taken down, condos will be on the site by 2015.
On Friday night, dozens of artists, neighbors and friends gathered for a party at Broken Angel to support Arthur Wood, who after being evicted will be homeless, and celebrate his life's work.
A block party outside of the Broken Angel house will go down this Friday.
There's a new Kickstarter which aims to save the Broken Angel building in Brooklyn.
If you were holding out for a Broken Angel condo, better
Wow. The NY Times reports that Broken Angel owners Arthur and
An interesting update about fund-raising efforts for Broken Angel in New York
At the end of the year, Brownstoner found out that the
Brownstoner reports that the beautiful and strange Broken Angel building and
Christopher Wood, son of Broken Angel owners/creators Arthur and Cindy Wood,
Chris Wood, the son of the owners of Broken Angel, wrote
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