Broadway junction

'They were arm in arm and one of them stumbled back and fell in between two train cars.'
According to police, a 54-year-old man jumped onto the tracks, pulling a woman from the platform with him just before 5 p.m. on Thursday.
One person was killed and another person was hospitalized on Thursday after a train struck them at Broadway Junction, according to the FDNY.
He faces as many as seven years in prison.
He was beaten and kicked all over his face and body, and then the suspects stole his cellphone, sneakers and jeans.
It finally feels like spring outside, and this is cause for celebration...which is exactly what the birds in the video below seem to be doing.
In this cringe-inducing video, Occupy Wall Street protesters try to enlist comrades at the Broadway Junction subway station in Brooklyn.
The unofficial first and second rules of sane subway rides might
A Brooklyn teenager died yesterday after his family took him off life
There was another attack on cops last night, this time at the
The country's largest federally subsidized housing development was sold today for
Are some of your co-workers straggling into work late? Are some
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