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A wisp of a bridge, suspended by cables, 20-feet wide with a lane for cyclists, and one for people walking is a proposal from a group of traffic planners and engineers.

"They'll be illuminated from dusk to dawn and just imagine the possibilities..."

Investigators now believe the officers were not the ones being shot at.

Here, at last, is the authoritative list for all you bridge snobs.

A coalition led by former traffic commissioner Sam Schwartz is releasing a proposal today to enact tolls on four East River bridges, in attempt to make the city's transit more equitable.

New York is home to 2,000 "structurally deficient" bridges, with an additional 600 in New Jersey and 407 in Connecticut.

A taxi driver has been accused of successfully running a scam which every driver in NYC has fantasized about at some point: tailgating very close to other drivers to get past bridge tolls without paying.

For years Frieder climbed NYC's bridges to capture views most of us will never see.

The bridges that carry tired, worn down Americans are themselves tired and worn down.

After a massive city-wide shutdown yesterday in advance of Sandy's wrath, some entry points have reopened into Manhattan and Westchester.