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Bridget Kelly says she didn’t know the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge was a plot to get back at Chris Christie’s political opponent.

"Because the scheme here did not aim to obtain money or property, Baroni and Kelly could not have violated the federal-program fraud or wire fraud laws.”

Former NJ governor Chris Christie made a surprise appearance to observe Tuesday’s hearing.

The single mother of four who faces 15 months in prison discussed, among other things, the toxic masculinity that led to the scandal.

'I am broken. So much good I have done in my life, I destroyed.' He then hung his head, put his face in his hands, and cried.

It will not be 'Christie Time!' for Trump anytime soon.

Chris Christie has claimed he had no knowledge of this shutdown.

Chris Christie knew about lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, and once threw a water bottle at aide Bridget Kelly in anger, she testified today.